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Tue, 10/11/2016 - 19:00

In the light of 'how do we steer this society in another direction' we have been looking at a lot of different things but it's time we start looking at the perceived engine of the ship, namely the monetary system. Because, admit it, if we would have a couple of billion dollars available, creating change would become quite a bit easier. Now since collecting a couple of billion dollars might take too much time and we might have to do some unethical things to get there quickly, we can do the next best thing: replacing the engine with a better one. The current one is leaking and using too much fuel anyway and it has a tendency to negatively interfere with the steering system too. So join me on constructing a new engine that I think will make it easier to stay on a constructive course. We'll start with explaining the destructive effects of the dominant monetary system we have today, followed by the setup of a new one that can steer the ship of society in a more successful direction for all passengers on board.

There will be a presentation of why our current monetary system is not sustainable, followed by a proposed new currency system with a Q&A/discussion afterwards.

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